Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year Mass 新年感恩弥撒

Many non- Christian friends were surprised to learn that I do celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year too.

They thought Christmas is my "new year" !

As a Chinese Catholic, I celebrate Christmas (Birthday of Jesus Christ), Jan 1 (the first day of the universal Gregorian calender year) and first day of month as the CHINESE NEW YEAR DAY or Spring Festival of my Chinese tradition.

Neither my Chinese root obstructs me to live out my faith nor my Christian faith erodes my Chinese characteristic or identity.

The first thing to do on the first day of the New Year is to attend New Year Thanksgiving Mass at the church .... like most of the Chinese going to temples offering prayers and thanksgiving to the Almighty.

I thanked God for the blessings showered upon my family for the past year, and prayed for continued guidance, protection and blessing in the Year of the Dragon.

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Anonymous said...


holding up altar for the dead? thats idolatry.