Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pulasan 吃水果

A sudden craving for Pulasan ...

Called up Andrew, and went down to The Farm today with Aiya God daughter Anna Ailing Ying family, Alice and Alisa Yuen in tow....

A couple came uninvited and uninformed to the Farm for bridal photo shoots. Andrew graciously gave the intruders the permission to take some shots around the orchards and ponds.

The weather is hot but breezy. (More pics in Facebook)


联络的Andrew, 今天早上到了庄园 The Farm 去采摘,随行的还有哎呀乾女婿家庭,诗巫的爱丽丝及阮爱丽沙。

一对男女不请自来的到 Farm 要拍婚纱照。Andrew 也很随意的答应这些闯门客在果园及湖边拍照。



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