Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reunion dinner 团圆饭

We have our own family reunion dinner in Kajang. Thanks to "haopengyou" (good friend), we have "Chan Siew Fong home-cooked Punchoy" for dinner .... yummy yum and simply wonderful !!

(Punchoy literally means dish in a big basin or container, a popular dish originated from Hong Kong villages. Ingredients consist of pork, duck, chicken, prawn, fish ball, mushroom, abalone, fish maw, scallop, sea cucumber, vegetables and many others, laid in layers)

我们自个家在加影吃团圆饭。感谢好朋友,我们有『陈少芳自家盘菜』晚餐 。。。美味及了!


Agnes C said...

祝你们新年喜乐,新年新希望,大家身体健康,工作的:步步高升, 事事顺利。

俐雯工作confirmed 了,赞美主。

Simon Phun said...