Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday visitors 星期天的访客

Seated from right: Rose, Janet and Olivia;
standing from right: Anna, Magdelene, Cecilia and Edward

As Chinese New Year celebrations is drawing to a close, Rose, Anna Ailing with hubby George, daughter Olivia, together with 4 other friends visited us on Sunday afternoon.

All are dog lovers, my two little fellows became the center of attraction.(More pics in Facebook)

农历新年的庆祝,即将结束,彩燕,瑷伶及丈夫耀光,女儿Olivia, 及另外四位朋友,在星期天下午拜访我们。

他们都是爱狗之人,所以家里的两只小狗儿就成为了中心点,又玩又拍照。(更多照片 Facebook)

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