Friday, February 10, 2012

Women tales 妇人的故事

Tales of 3 ladies.

Attended a Taichi member's house buffet dinner.

Interestingly picked up their stories.

Member 1 - She is 80 years old... ( surprise). She has double Total Knee Replacement twice in a span of 25 years. (Age of our Taichi group)

She is healthy and active.

Member 2 - She is going to be a expectant great-grandmother soon. Her eldest grandson, 25, is getting married.

And her house was almost broken into if not for her swift return after alerted by the alarm. Two robbers were trying to break her glass door. A lucky escape for her too because the robbers were reluctant to retreat upon her return, they tried to attack her car instead.

The Police questioned her need to report since suffered no losses.

Member 3 - She is a victim of a house-breaking. Her children lost laptops, cash and hand-phones. Police arrived at the scene to investigate 4 hours after reporting.

Actually Member 4 (left for other table) was also a victim of a house-breaking.

The conversation was centered on the house-breaking and robbery. While my regular hairdresser Mary was robbed before Chinese New Year, 5 more other saloons were also being robbed about the same time.....

Our table consisted members from 7 households, 3 members have personal experience of house-breaking and robbery; the rest, including us, have many friends and relatives either being robbed or house burglarized.

There are at least six more other members of our Taichi group were direct victims of house-breaking and robbery.

The issues are: "we are not safe", "our Police force is not performing".

As reported in the news, a group of women were arrested gambling during Chinese New Year. While walking out of the Police station after posting bails, they said right in front of the Policemen at the station:

" Only good in catching gamblers, never see them catch thieves and robbers..."

This is One (aspect of ) Malaysia Prime Minister Najib does not mention at all!!



会员1 - 她80岁了,令我们都惊奇。她在认识我们的25年里,共动了两次『双膝盖关节换置』手术。(我们太极班已经25岁了)。


会员2 - 她很高兴的告诉我们,她在不久将升级为曾祖母了,因为她25岁的长孙将要结婚了。



会员 3 - 她是受害者。窃贼进入她家,偷了孩子的电脑,手机及现款,幸亏没有伤害到在楼上睡觉的孙子。








“ 抓赌博顶瓜瓜,抓劫匪是差差。。”




chansf said...

大佬,您的妇人太极班会员,何只这几位,就最近的都有张观妹,林丽英,谭雪芳,宋禜春, 温丽华,本人就不用说了,人长的美。。。被人暗恋了都三次了。哈哈。

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