Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No to Malaysia

Indonesia can say NO to Malaysia!

Malaysia (Federation of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak) was formed in 16-9-1963 with strong opposition from Indonesia. The then President Sukarno declared a policy of CONFRONTATION towards Malaysia with armed infiltration.

In 1966, with the successful coup led by Suharto, he ended the confrontation with signing of a peace agreement and recognition of Malaysia.

Today, a new confrontation is brewing between Malaysia and Indonesia. However, this time it is not military confrontation but economy confrontation.

For the past 20 years, many Indonesians came to work and live in Malaysia, legally and illegally, to avoid the hardships in their country. Many worked as housemaids and construction workers.

Indonesian labours helped to build Malaysia's economy, from construction to manufacturing, from businesses to domestic households....

Malaysia cannot live without Indonesian labours! Indonesia has successfully infiltrated Malaysia through labour soft power.

20 years later, with the very much improved economy and social order, Indonesia is flexing its muscles telling Malaysia that " it is time for me to dictate ..."!

Malaysian flags were frequently being burned in Jakarta in show of displeasure and indignant towards more affluent Malaysia.

The latest issue being the harsh (or ridiculous) conditions imposed on Malaysian employers to hire Indonesian housemaids.

Indonesia imposed a freeze on the supply of Indonesian maids to Malaysia on June 26, 2009, following reports of cases of abuse by employers

After months and years of negotiation, with Prime Minister Najib bringing the issue to Jakarta personally with President Susilo Bambang, Indonesia unfreezed the embargo on December 2011.

The first batch of maids is expected to arrive in Malaysia next month. However, new conditions were set by Indonesia.

"If a maid is employed as a cook, she will only be tasked with chores related to cooking and will not be doing any other duties, such as baby-sitting or washing clothes,” said Indonesia’s Labour Placement Deve­lopment director-general Reyna Usman.

That means if an employer wants the maid to do house works as it is now ( cooking, baby-sitting, care for elderly ,washing clothes and housekeeping) , she/he has to employ 4 maids to do them. Or alternatively, she can request the maid to do four types of chores by paying extra for each different job she does....

"Yanti, can you put the clothes into washing machine when you finish cooking..."

"No mam .. I can only wash dishes but not clothing... unless you pay me extra ..."

"OK ... baby is crying, can you attend to him first, see what he wants..."

"Sorry mam, it is my duty to check and make sure fishes are not over-fried ... not checking on baby, unless you pay me extra for that.."

"Aiya then, can you go bring PoPo (grandma) out from her room to the hall, and on the TV for her...."

" Cannot mam, I can bring dishes to the dining table, not PoPo from the room. You have to engage another Indonesian to do this job le .... but if you pay me extra, I can do it no problem..."

" If I make you The Queen of my house, do I have to pay you extra kah..?"

"Mam, I don't mind ... and I like it!"

Prime Minister Najib responded with a mild " Not reasonable at all ".

"We hope on their side they will revert to the agreement reached between me Indonesian president Susilo Bambang". (The Star March 17)

Can Malaysia say NO to Indonesia? I think we have missed the golden opportunity long time ago.

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