Monday, April 2, 2012

Black shop 黑店

Politicians from the ruling coalition Barisan National (BN), especially members of MCA (Malaysia Chinese Party) have had always trying hard to put fear into Chinese community that PAS ( Party Islam) would implement Islamic Hudud laws if it wins the election. So do not support PAS.

They needed not to do so because Chinese community knows this very well. As its name suggests, it is an Islamic party - like a shop, it sells openly Islamic products and items up front. We know. Period.

However, UMNO (the controlling partner of the BN ) is a more evil party. It is not an Islamic shop ( claims to promote multi-racil, multi-culture and multi-religious) but selling Islamic products and items in disguise, under misleading labels and untrue contents to unsuspecting customers (voters)!

Religions other than Islam, in the past decades under BN government dominated by UMNO," have suffered a systematic and gradual constriction of public space for expression of our religious identity. Christians and non-Christians alike suffer restrictions in the form of the freedom to display and use religious symbols, prohibitions and unreasonable restrictions placed on construction of places of worship, the absence of burial land, the distortion of our history books and other issues concerning both religious freedom and other civil liberties." (Pastoral letter of Archbishop Murphy Pakiam dated April 1, 2011.)

The use of Allah is one of the many under the belt tactics. The recent religious teachers seminar organised by Johor Baru education department is another evidence of its evil intention.

Themed ‘Strengthening the Faith, the Dangers of Liberalism and Pluralism and the Threat of Christianity towards Muslims. What is the role of Teachers?’ the seminar for religious teachers from 55 national schools in the state has provoked concerns.

The government also allowed religious demagogues making sensational statements on Christianisation of Muslims without providing evidence.

Hassan Ali, a speaker of the seminar, has in many occasions made such claims. Besides the so called solar Bible to convert Muslims, the latest being Christians (some are Caucasians) dressed as Ustaz to convert Muslims... but without giving any proof!

Government is not taking action against these religious demagogues whose statements have caused disharmony and dis-unity in the country.

So, beware my fellow citizens, UMNO is a Black (evil) Shop (party), as Chinese idiom says "Displaying goat head, but selling dog meat"....

“open spear is easy to counter, hidden arrow is difficult to defend" is another Chinese idiom to sum up the situation.

Bewared and be-warned!

UMNO 巫统 及 PAS 伊斯兰党




伊斯兰教以外的其他各宗教,在【巫统】为主导的国阵政府,过去的数十年里,”信仰自由遭受了系统性的压制及侵袭。基督徒及其他宗教信徒,在公开使用各自的宗教特征或标志上,受到约束;不合理的限制及 立法条规,使到建立新的教堂及庙宇,非常的困难,甚至不可能;非回教徒的坟地缺乏,不被受理;教会刊物受到严厉的管制,朝拜及祷告的马来文词汇受到禁止,历史被歪曲,人权的剥夺等“。(巴吉安总主教牧函 四月2011年)

使用Allah 字眼的禁止,扣留圣经,吊销出版执照,是好多肮脏手段之部分。最新的谋略是由新山教育局主办的一个教育研讨会,主题为『强化信德,自由主义及多元主义的危险,及基督教对伊斯兰的威胁。教师的角色是什么?』。

来自柔佛州 55所国民型学校的宗教老师出席了这个研讨会。








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