Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Lord is risen ! 主复活了!

Easter Triduum - day 3

Easter vigil - Tonight we attended the Easter Vigil starting from 7:30 pm and ending at 11:00 pm.

Part 1: Service of light
Part 2: Liturgy of te word
Part 3: Liturgy of Baptism
Part 4: Liturgy of Eucharist

The Lord has indeed risen, alleluia. Glory and kingship be his for ever and ever!
Happy Easter to you all !

复活节三日礼仪 - 第三天

复活前夕守夜礼 - 今晚我们参加了复活守夜礼,从傍晚七时半,到十一点结束。

第一部分 :烛光礼
第二部分 :圣道礼
第三部分 :圣洗礼
第四部分 :圣祭礼

祝大家复活节快乐 !

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