Friday, May 25, 2012

Battered spirit 折磨的灵魂

Better place, battered spirit, a purgatory with lesser fire.

Visited my old friend today yet at another new nursing home.

She has been moved again, but this time to a better place... and by far the best home for her.

The place is clean, less crowded, and with a nice small tree and shade.

But it does not help her battered spirit. She is frail and her whisper hardly audible.

Heard from the helper, sometimes, she refused to eat and drink for the whole day, and demanded to go home.....

She does not seem to enjoy her favourate food we brought.

I told her to be in peace with herself... this is a good place for her to stay until God's calling her home.








(Taken 19-1-2012 照片)

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