Thursday, May 10, 2012

Up north to Ipoh and Penang 北上怡保及槟城

With Miss Ng(left) and souvenir goodies bags
We brought Amanda up north to Ipoh and Penang.

I have been drinking Ho Yan Hor (HYH) herbal tea for more than 45 years, since my secondary school days. It keeps my body elements "balanced", and flu and cold away from me.

My children loved it too especially Mei Mei. Throughout her architectural course, locally or in Scotland, Ho Yan Hor herbal tea has been a constant companion during her many sleepless nights in completing her projects one after another.

She even introduced it to her course mates and friends, Asian and European. Amanda is one of them.

I thought it would be a good opportunity for us and Amanda to visit Hovid Bhd, the maker of Ho Yan Hor herbal tea, to see for ourselves how it is made.

Miss Ng Chern Yuan from Corporate Communications of the company replied to my mail promptly and graciously arranged our visit to the factory on May 9 (Wednesday).

At 11:00 am, we were welcomed warmly by Miss Ng and accompanied us for a guided tour of the making of herbal tea by her colleague Miss Doreen.

We saw the stringent process of making the herbal tea, and impressed by the modern and advance fully automatic packaging system.

The HYH herbal tea is made at the same original factory started by its founder. From a humble herbal tea maker, the company has today developed and grown into a public listed modern pharmaceutical company active in the development and manufacturing of the Pharmaceutical Specialties led by founder's son Mr. David Ho, the current CEO.

We are grateful to Miss Ng for the warm welcome extended to us. It is my dream to visit my favourite HYH herbal tea factory for decades, and it is accomplished today~!

Miss Ng has extend us invitation to visit the company's bigger and modern pharmaceutical manufacturing plant at Chemor, Perak at a later date.

As for Amanda, it is an eye opener for her to have a peep into "mysterious" eastern herbal medication and healthcare products. She is impressed and enjoyed the visit too.

After the visit, we have lunch and coffee at Ipoh old town. The world famous Ipoh Old Town White Coffee is originated from Nam Heong cafe in Ipoh old town.

White coffee reminded us another famous product of Ipoh - thherbal chicken. Since Amanda has never tasted a salted herbal chicken, we bought 2 birds to try.

We left for Penang after lunch.... and white coffee ... and herbal chicken. Please see picture story in Facebook.






何人可凉茶制造公司 Hovid Bhd 的公司通讯部门吴晨圆小姐,非常快捷的回答了我的电邮,欢迎我们在五月九日,早上十一时正,到公司参观。

我们一早就从加影出发,十一点就抵达了Hovid Bhd 的工厂,受到吴小姐热情的欢迎。她陪同我们,在公司一位同事领导下,一同到工厂参观凉茶的制作过程。







这样,我们才心甘情愿的北上槟城。 图片故事Facebook

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