Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A very hot day 酷热的一天

Today is a very very hot day --- 35 degree Celcius.

Amanda was into a climatic shock.

When she left Scotland on 6/5/2012, snow fell on Aberdeen. After 20 hours of journey, she found herself in a tropical land with temperature ranging from 28 (low) degree to 36 (high) degree Celsius.

Jet lag (8 hours) plus heat, she needed Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea!

This morning, we brought Amanda to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) where Petronas twin towers were situated.

Then we have lunch at the China Town - Petaling Street.

The heat was simply unbearable, even to the locals.

So we retreated to our home sweet home after lunch... and to a cup of cooooooling Ho Yan Hor herbal tea.

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鬼佬都喝凉茶! gui lou (white man) also drink Ho Yan Hor herbal tea... coool!


艾曼达 Amanda 受到极大的天气冲击。



今早我们陪同她到吉隆坡城中城 (KLCC) 参观,这是双子星塔的所在地。

过后,我们到茨厂街(唐人街)用午餐 - 牛腩麵,炒粿条,烧肉等。。。



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