Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Visitation Seremban 芙蓉一日探访记

Kuching, Sarawak
(Peter on left)


I know Peter Tan (above left) of Seremban through Legion fellowship more than 22 years ago.

Three weeks ago he underwent an angioplasty in Serdang hospital and is recovering well at home.

My wife and I, accompanied by Anna and Stephen of Seremban visited him at home this morning, and was warmly welcome by him and his wife.

Peter (78) is an active legionary and regularly making hospital and home visitations until the discovery of his heart problem 2 months ago.

His heart blockage has been cleared but not his emotional and spiritual blockage.

Being a regular church goer, he lamented the closure of Adoration room of his parish.

The Adoration Room was built through generous donation of parishioners and was well used by regular church goers... to pray, to meditate, to adore and to rest in the Lord.

The room is now shuttered by the parish priest due to some reasons which were not fully agreed by parishioners. “people sleeping inside", "young boys and girls courting inside"... ( Blogger: means When your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out?..)

He is still feeling sad despite of his successful angioplasty.

We bid goodbye to Peter and wife, to visit a lady in an old folks home in Sikamat New Village.

Maria (71) has just been moved into this open nursing home less than a month. It is home for folks that can look after themselves.

Home is divided into male and female sections. Inmates are free to do activities of their choice, such as morning exercise, cleaning chores, watching TV, drink and dine outside the home with visitors...

The place is spacious and comfortable and Maria is happy to be here.

The home is managed by a NGO.

我认识陈广扬兄已经超过22 年了。我们是在圣母军聚会里认识的。









Maria 玛利亚 (71岁)刚在不到一个月前,搬进这家开放式的老人院。这里地方广阔,相当舒适。这里只收容能够自顾的老人。



老人都是单身者,只有这对夫妻觉得浪漫,在这棵红毛丹树下“罗曼兴”(romancing) 一下,希望院方不会把这树砍掉!(老人院里面的一棵大树,树荫非常的凉爽)
All inmates are single. This couple feeling romantic ... romancing under the tree... hoped the home authority does not chop it down because of them.. ( A big rambutan tree in the home that provides shades and cools the place)

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