Friday, June 15, 2012

Scotland 人在苏格兰



凌晨二时起飞,那时身心都疲惫了,但又不能入眠。Emirates (亚酋)的机位相当舒服,服务也很好,餐饮都很充足,就是左转右弯的不能睡,有时顶多五到十分钟的漂浮在浅睡中。

在杜拜三个小时的停留,然后转机,七个半小时后,终于到了终点 – 英国的格拉斯哥(Glasgow)。



抵达格拉斯哥后,我们还得再乘三个小时的汽车,才到了这次的真正目的地 – 苏格兰的亚伯丁市( Aberdeen)。



我们从吉隆坡国际机场(KLIA) 开始,飞机加转机时间,加上车程,途中停歇喝杯咖啡,总共用了25个小时,才抵达目的地。


The whole journey took about 25 hours.

Flight from KL to Dubai took about six and a half hours, and was very tough for us.

The plane took off at 2:00 am Thursday. We were tired but could not sleep. The seats of Emirates Airlines are comfortable, service is good and plenty of food and drink, but it did not help us to sleep except 4o winks in between tossing left and right.

After 3 hours of transit in Dubai airport, we boarded a flight to Glasgow, a seven and a half hours flight.

This sector was better. It was a day flight with fine weather, I can view the scenery outside (or down under). The flight path went through center Asia, passing through Iran and Iraq, may be part of Saudi Arabia. I can see brownish mountain ranges, mostly un-inhabitated, some covered with snow (0r glacier), very beautiful and astonishing!

The plane crossed the Black Sea, entering Europe and saw different scenery. I saw cultivated land and townships.

Upon arrival in Glasgow, we took a car journey of another 3 hours to reach our destination - Aberdeen of Scotland.

We are here to attend our youngest daughter Elizabeth's graduation in July, and take the opportunity for tour and sightseeing. We will stay a few weeks in Europe。

God blessed us with fine weather upon our arrival, from cloudy in the morning to sunny in the afternoon. Temperature 9-15 degree C.

Leaving KL on Thursday morning, arriving Aberdeen at about 5:00 pm local time, it took us more than 25 hours to complete the journey (flight time, stopover, car journey plus coffee break).

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