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圆满的交流会 A great fellowship





1. 上选地点 - 马六甲皇冠酒店(Mahkota Hotel)为住宿及活动酒店,坐落在一个热闹的购物中心,也靠近古迹旅游区。

越过一条马路,就是著名的百盛购物广场及马六甲最潮的英雄广场购物中心。走过了这两座广场,步行十分钟,就抵达了闻名的古城门,扶梯而上,就是朝圣地 -圣保禄山,这里就是圣方济各沙乌烈的墓穴遗址。山底下,过了一条河,可以吃到闻名的马六甲鸡饭团。吃饱了,就可以逛全世界游客都会到来的『鸡场街』(Jonker Street)。



3. 适量及适当的灵修输入。讲座,包括弥撒的证道,由不同的神师负责,不同题材,不同风格,绝无冷场及枯燥。

4.朝圣的交流会。主办当局安排军友参观了数间富有历史性及充满奥迹的教堂:1. 工业区中的一间从数百年废墟中重建的教堂。2. 百年历史的教友村教堂,这里孕育了许多的神父,修女及修士。3. 一间坐落在马来人村落的教堂,更且是在2011年得到重建。







1. (第二及三天活动Facebook)

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Coming coming .... and gone.

Counting 1 to 20 takes less than 5 seconds. But the coming of the 2oth Legion Fellowship took 21 years to be realised!

The 20th Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Taiwan Chinese Speaking Legion of Mary Fellowship, which was held from 30/5 to 4/6 at Melaka Mahkota Hotel, has been successfully concluded.

About 400 participants from 25 areas, including Hong Kong, participated in this event.

Highlights of the event as follows:

1. Excellent venue - Mahkota hotel is the main venue for the event. It is located at the busiest shopping area where Parkson Mahkota and Dataran Pahlawan are situated.

The shopping complexes are just across the road from the hotel. A 10 minutes walk will reach the famous A Fomosa, the old ruin of fortress built by the Portuguese in 1511. By climbing some steps to St. Paul's hill, will reach the empty tomb of St. Francis Xavier.

Red House and famous Jonker Street is just a couple of hundred meters away.

2. A very comfortable event - Two and a half day of activities (Masses and talks) were held at the big hall of the hotel, cool and comfortable.

3. Spiritual talks and sermons were given by different priests and religious. Participants were not bored but thrilled by the different styles and topics of the speakers.

4. Caring and lovingly warm atmosphere created by the organiser and members.

5. A pilgrimage fellowship - The organiser arranged participants to visits few historical churches with great tales of the mystery of God.

Among them, a church built by a few hundred years old ruin of an old church in an industrial area; a church situated in the middle of a Malay village and yet was allowed to be rebuilt in 2011.

It is the manifestation of the greatness of God.

I am blessed to be able to attend every Legion fellowship for the past 2o years.

The 21st Legion Fellowship would be held in Sandaka, Sabah from May 30 to June 3, 2013.

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