Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Picturesque home 风景如画

Dresden is a beautiful city, blending old and modern together. The Wifi at the hotel lobby was slow, loading a photo takes almost a minute. I shall share beautiful Dresden pictures on a later post.

Day moves on and we go on to the next destination.

On 25/6/2012, we arrived at the home of Angelica and Martin Paege, which was nestled in a picturesque meadow and lakeside in a village in Joachimsthal.

The home is tastefully decorated and the view from the house is breathtaking.

Mrs Paege, ever graceful and cheerful lady, has something in store for us …..I have my first home-cooked, authentic famous German pork knuckle (Aisbein) … and it is great beyond my imagination!

Mr. Paege is living history. He has been through thick and torn in life, living through world wars, separation of Germany, unification of Germany …

He had traveled widely and stayed in many countries and cities of the world, including Kuala Lumpur. He told us many life-experienced stories and history of his country, and interesting stories of his overseas stay.

Joachimsthal is hometown of Mr. & Mrs. Paege.

A great place, great company and great ……FOOD !!

We bid goodbye to Mr. & Mrs Paege after afternoon tea, expressing our gratitude and appreciation of their hospitality and generosity, left for Rugen Island with Wendlandts at about 4:45 pm.

(more pics in Facebook)

德思登(Dresden)是个美丽的城市,混合了新与旧。 住宿的酒店里提供的免费无线上网,速度非常的慢,上载一张照片几乎需要一分钟。我将在较后时,才写写有关这里的帖子。


25/5/2012, 我们到了Paege 夫妇的家。他们住在一个小镇里的一个村庄,屋子坐落在一片畜牧草地及湖畔旁,风景美如画。


Paege夫人早已经为我们准备了一个惊喜 – 她特地烹煮了德国猪脚,来招待我们。

我第一次尝到了第一顿家里煮的,真材实料,名副其实的德国猪脚 。。。美味之处,超乎想象!(看照片)

Paege (贝格)先生是个活历史。他到过许多国家,也居住过许多城市,经历了人生的起落,度过了世界的大战,德国的分裂,德国的统一。。。。他与我们分享了本身亲身经历的体验,及一些外国居住时代有趣故事。


我们在用过了下午茶之后,向Paege夫妇告别,也感谢他们热情及慷慨的接待,在傍晚四点四十五分左右,前往下一站 - Rugan Island (吕根岛)


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