Sunday, June 10, 2012

WWW number plate tender

The impending 13th general election must have gotten on the nerves of politicians, making them crazy and loosing control .... saying dumb things, doing crazy things ....

Nizar, the well-liked former mentri besar of Perak, commented on Sultan of Johor's RM 520,000.00 winning bid for the car number plate WWW 1 as "wasteful".

In Malaysia, it is a taboo and foul of law to criticize the Sultans or royalty. The UMNO played up the issue. Police has recorded statement from him pending further investigation ... However, he is a brave fellow expressing opinion most Malaysians kept in their stomach!

(Last week, former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said: “If royalty cannot be disputed, this means the rakyat (people) has deified them; this is because only God cannot be disputed by the people. As long as a member of the rakyat uses proper language and arguments, it is unreasonable for him or her to be punished for the criticism.)

On another car number tender fiasco, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai's RM24,200.00 winning bid of WWW 15 landed him in hot soup.

He has made himself a clown at a press conference when questioned by reporters on who pay for the number .... he fumbled and gave round-the-bush answer, making himself silly and foolish.
"unsure who had forked out the money, but was certain that his ministry did not foot the bill"

When asked why paid such a big sum for such number plate, he skirted the question and said he did not know what the cost was when the bid was made. (what a ^%$%^^son of b##$$ minister talking!)

MCA president Chua Soi Lik, the man who has everything to say on anything, has to answer for him. And yet he gave a dumber answer saying the money is going to a government consolidated fund (??), like right hand giving to the left hand.....

They gave dumb dumb answers except one smart and honest one needed from Liow: " Yes, I paid RM24,200.00 for the number and it is for my own private car." period.

{Liow Tiong Lai} and {minister of Health} are excellent brands, is {WWW 15} needed ???

Sheer greed !

-- written 8/6/2012 ...

(more dumb things are being said by Liow even till today....)

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