Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday 生日

Today is the second day of Muslim Aidilfitri public holiday. It is my father-in-law's 85 th birthday too.

We had a simple but joyful birthday celebrations ....

1. Sweet Mee-suah soup plus eggs.
2. Birthday lunch.
3. Afternoon tea with cheese cake.

he liked it very much.

May God continues blessing him good health and happiness. (All pictures in Facebook)

今天是回教徒开斋节的第二天,是公共假期。 今天也是我的岳父大人的85岁生日。


1. 早上吃生日甜汤面线加鸡蛋。
2. 生日午餐。
3. 生日下午茶配蛋糕。


愿主继续祝福他身体健康,喜乐常常。 (全部照片在Facebook)

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