Friday, September 14, 2012

Agnes' outing 依妮丝游记

Agnes is our housemaid who has been with us for past 2.5 year. She is hardworking and trustworthy ... the most important factor that allows us to travel freely. 

All work and no play makes Agnes a dull helper.

So we took her for an outing yesterday (12-9-2012) to Genting and Bentong. It was an adventure to Agnes and us too.

My wife has not been to Genting for... about 15 years!!

It was misty in Genting.

We visited the casinos and were surprised by the 'free and easy" entry into them.

"Baccarat", "Tai Sai", "3 card poker", "French Doule", "Mini Dice", "Roulette".... were alien to us ... tried to figure out how they were played.

I saw mostly women gamblers... middle and old aged.

The so called "City of entertainment" was a "city of noise, distortion and hell" to us.

We spent about 3 hours walking around and left after lunch for Bentong at about 2:00 pm, to visit our friend Lim Chee Keong.

We have a "positive mental correction" upon arrival of Bentong.

Bentong is slow and easy, fresh and natural ... and the afternoon tea is great.

By chance, we followed Lim Chee Keong for an photography assignment at a Chinese new village about 10 kms from Bentong.

Kg Baru Sungai Penjuring ( New Village) was accorded the winner of 【Prosperous Village - Chinese New Village Category】 contest organised by Ministry of Rural and Territory Development in conjunction with 55th Independence Day celebrations. The prize  - RM 1,002,500.00 (Ringgit One Million and Twenty Five Thousand)  -  RM 25.000 cash and RM one million worth of projects.

Health Minister and also Member of Parliament of the area, Liow Tiong Lai, was there to handover the mock cheque to the village committee.

According to information I collected, the contest winners were picked based on criteria such as Merdeka celebration programmes, flying the national flag, existence of landmark, billboards, posters, independence monument as well as features of an excellent village including leadership strength, the economy, education and cleanliness ....

At the village, I did not see much of the criteria above for the village being picked as the champion ....
Anyway, congratulations to Kg. Baru Sungai Penjuring for winning the million-ringgit "Prosperous Village" Contest. I bet not many of you are aware of such award and the winner.

Who cares ?!?! It is one of the many ways the government channel monetary rewards to The Selected People.

What we cared most were to fill up our stomach. The late arrival of VIP made us very hungry.

Chee Keong brought us to an old restaurant for dinner. We were feted with authentic local Guangxi 3 treasure dishes - Steamed chicken, Braised pork with yam (Kao yok) and Yong Taofu .... and more !

What a great day and adventure !!!

Guangxi 3 treasure dishes 广西三宝









云顶自称为 “娱乐城”,对我来说,这是喧闹,假象,地狱之城。












志强带我们到玻璃口新村的一间老招牌餐馆,享用了当地的『广西三宝』 -  味念滑香鸡,广西酿豆腐,广西扣肉,还有道地空心菜,美味非洲鱼。。。。


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