Friday, September 21, 2012

Sibu Day 1 诗巫第一天

Then (2003) and now 以前(2003) 与现在

 Sibu is one of my favourite towns.

Sibu is the first East Malaysian town I have visited …way back in 1990. Since then, I have visited Sibu 3 or 4 more times. The last time was in 2005 for the Legion fellowship.

I missed Sibu friends, their hospitality, Sibu foods and its laid back lifestyle.

Finally, after 7 years, here I am! ( My wife and I visited Sibu in 2003, Mrs Lee and others are first timer)

Today, the plane landed on Sibu new airport at about 2:30 pm, we – my wife and I, Mrs Lee, her daughter-in-law Wai Yee and grandson Marcus, were warmly welcomed at the arrival hall by old friends Joseph Wong and wife Rose, and Jackie Ting.

I was surprised to see the Phun clan association members were at the airport to welcome delegates from across the country for their official opening of their new clan building. I was invited to take a group picture with them. I am not in the invited list!!

As it was well past lunch time, Joseph and Jackie brought us immediately to the coffee shop to enjoy the famous Sibu local food:  Ding Bian Hu” literally means “paste in a big vessel”

After checking into hotel, we went for a walk along the Rajang River to the evening market of local produces.

At night, Linda and Peter Teng fretted us and few others a sumptuous dinner with some local special dishes … very delicious.

This is day one in Sibu… looking forward to more exiting (and eating) days ahead!









晚上,热情的Peter 及 Linda夫妇招待我们一行人享用了一顿丰富的晚餐,品尝了道地的菜肴,美味极了。


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