Saturday, December 29, 2012

New haircut 剪头发

Added 30/12/2012
My wife and father in law watching at the back 太太和岳父在后面注视着

 Have not been to an Indian barber shop for more than 2 decades.

The reasons: cutting my hair too short, making me like a "soh zai" (goondu) ... and using "teeth scissors" thinning my already thinned hair.

Two days ago, under the watchful eyes of my wife, parents in law, I went into an Indian barber shop at a hypermarket to get a "new look" and new experience.

Not bad ....

They are pictures showing hairstyles for customer to choose from. My hairstyle is: Picture no. 5 for sides; no 18 for back and 9 for front ....AND no thinning teeth scissors!

Added in vibrator massage, the charge is RM 9.00 !

Vaccum cleaning of hair 吸尘机清理头发
Mothe-in-law also enjoying vibrator massage 岳母也享受按摩






加上使用振动器按摩,全部收费是马币 Rm9.00.

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