Monday, December 10, 2012

The Tray Cafe 咖啡座

A Trio of youngsters, a woman and 2 men,  ardent cooking and baking enthusiasts, giving up their successful career in order to realise their Yen of sharing their passion with others, opened a cafe in Sri Hartamas that aptly called the TRAY cafe !  (Tray Cafe Facebook website)

Allison, Victor and Dinesh are now happily serving customers in their cafe with delicious food, cake and pastry.

My wife and I, together with children and housemaid, went there last Sunday (9/12/2012) to try out their menu and also convey our best wishes to them on their new undertakings.

Wishing the TRAY - Trio with an ardent Yen, all the best and success in their business endeavor, while enjoying their passion and hobby, also bring them profit and happy customers.

(See other pictures in Facebook)

Alison & husband Keith (part-time helper)


Allison,Victor 及 Dinesh,  毅然辞去了有成的工作,把休闲的嗜好,变成一个商业的事业,两全其美。

昨天,星期天9/12/2012,我与太太,孩子及工人,一同去Tray Cafe,试试他们的菜单,同时也祝贺他们新的事业。



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