Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Damn it, 该死的!

Allah or not Allah ?

Whose Allah ?

Who is Allah ?

The Sultan of Selangor has decreed that non-Muslims in the state have been barred from using "Allah", saying it is a sacred word exclusive to Muslims.

Hours after Sultan's decree, The Pakatan Rakyat opposition pact consisting PAS (Islamic Party), DAP and Keadilan had taken a stand that anyone can use "Allah", just don't misuse the word.

I am staying in the State of Selangor, what does it mean to me ? Allah or not Allah ?

Allah, a pre-Islamic Arabia term, can be found in Malay language Bible and community worship and Masses, especially among East Malaysian and Indonesian Catholics. It is common for Catholic community of all races to pray and worship together using all languages.

In Peninsular Malaysia, many Orang Asli (Aborigines) are also speak Malay and read Malay Bible.

Adding more ingredients to the drama, according to the government, East Malaysians (Sabah and Sarawak) are allowed to use "Allah".

And it caused more confusion ... what happened to Prime Minister's 1 Malaysia concept ? 1 Malaysia, two different people, 2 Allah ?

This is not an old issue. (see old post).

Recently, politicians from ruling parties had resurrected this issue to gain mileage in view of the coming 13th General Elections, which is expected to be held in the coming weeks ahead.

In Malaysia, religious issues are commonly and frequently abused by politicians from ruling parties to drum up support thus causing tension and division among the people. 

My response is, using ordinary Hokkian man's language: " Ala ma .... jin jia jilaka (celaka) !" (O my God, really damn it ! )

Yes, damn politicians !

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( I respect Islam and Muslim. I worship God - Allah. a pre-Islamic Arabia term )

P.S: while writing this post, saw news report that importers announced the mandarin oranges from China is expected to increase 20 % in prices due to adverse weather in China.

Every year, same rhetoric ... last year, it was too little rain, this year bad weather, too much rain, leap year, SARS, increase in shipping cost.... all kind of reasons!

"Jilaka" damn it to the cunning businessmen !




雪兰莪苏丹刚颁布一下谕令,禁止非穆斯林使用“Allah” (阿拉)这个名词,因为这是回教专用的一个圣洁字眼。



在马来文圣经里就用到Allah 阿拉这个字眼来称呼天主(英文为God),祈祷及弥撒中也是使用同一个名词。东马的天主教徒因为是受马来文媒介语教育,他们与来自印度尼西亚的教徒一样,是使用马来语或印尼语来祈祷及弥撒语言,他们也是马来文圣经使用者。



这个问题,加上戏剧的成分 - 政府允准东马基督教徒使用阿拉这个字眼,但西马的教徒却被禁止。





我对这事最近的发展,谨套用福建语老话回应:“Alla mak, jin jia jilaka (Celaka)! 阿拉嘛!正是该死的。”


后记: 在写这部落格的时候,见到新闻报道,入口商宣布,今年的中国芦柑会涨价大约20%,因为天气欠佳所致。

每年都是同样的故事 --- 去年是雨水减少 。。。。不是多雨啦,就是天旱;闰月啦,禽流感啦,运费涨啦。。。各种各样的藉口!

Jilaka” 该死的投机商,炒作炒价。

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