Wednesday, January 23, 2013


For decades, Sabahan has been puzzled and bewildered ....

The population of Sabah in the 80's was less than a million. By year 2000, the population has reached 2.5 million.

As at 2010, according to official Census, the population of Sabah has reached 3.1 millions ... a whopping  increase of more than 400 per cent compared with  the population of 651,304 in 1970 !!!!

Native has been outnumbered by foreigners, many native Sabahan ethnic groups had became minority in their own homeland. 

And for years, speculation was rife that the Government (ruling Barisan National Coalition) was giving out National Identity Cards (IC) to illegal Muslim immigrants from the Southern Philippines and Indonesia in a secret Project IC for votes scheme.

Sabah is a priced " Fixed deposit of votes" to the BN but also the dirtiest political battleground. Vote buying, money politic, horse trading, back stabbing .... you named it, it has it.

And now, it was confirmed that all speculation and accusation are true.

A Royal Commision of Inquiry (RCI) has revealed shocking details of how the Election Commission, government departments, under the reign of then Prime Minister Mahathir, giving out hundereds of thousands of Identity Cards to illegal immgrants in order to ensure that the BN continue to rule the State of Sabah !

Najib gave in to the pressure from the Oppositions and the public to set up this Commission to deal with the decades old illegal migrants problem in the state.

Oppostions alleged that more than 700,000 ICs has been illegally giving out to illegal migrants in order to allow them to vote in favour of the BN.

The true Mahathir has been revealed! People are calling him names : already Tyrant, dirty and cunning ... and now a traitor !

Seemed Mahatihir's legacy has been tarnished !!

Yet story continues ... the RCI hearing continues and more shocking news are expected to revealed ....

But ... another story started to unfold.

Is Najib using the RCI to "destroy" Mahathir ?

Mahathir is rumoured to have teamed up with Najib's deputy Muhyiddin to topple him ... (to undermine Najib's performance in the coming General Election).

If Najib falls, Muhyiddin would rise, and Mahathir's son would be his deputy ... see how cunning Mahathir is !!

The 13th General Election is going to be the most brutal, dirtiest and toughest one in the country's history.

(RCI proceedings is not reported fully in mainstream English and Malay newspapers and government-controlled TV stations)

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