Monday, February 11, 2013

Celebrating Spring Festival 欢庆新年

Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is doing same things as previous year of previous previous years.....

It is called continuation of culture and tradition.

Reunion dinner, praying and thanksgiving, visiting relatives and friends, paying respect to elders, feasting and drinking ....

It is a wonderful time!

We have our reunion dinner on the eve of new year (9-2-2013).

On New Year day, we went to church to attend New Year Mass, thanking and praising almighty Father for blessings received during the past year and praying for continued blessings and Graces on the coming new year.

It would be followed by visiting my elder sisters, relatives, and friends eating and eating and eating !!!

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团圆饭,朝拜及感恩,拜访长辈,亲戚及朋友 。。。吃,喝


今年的团圆饭,在除夕 9-2-2013 举行。

大年初一,我们去教堂参加新年弥撒,赞美及感谢仁慈的天父,过去一年所给定祝福,也祈求天父在新的一年里,继续 的给予我们家庭充裕的祝福与恩典。

接下来就是拜访年长家人(兄姐)及亲戚,朋友 再加上吃,吃,吃!!!


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