Friday, September 6, 2013

Detour & destress (3) 歇息及消压









参观了葡萄园,下一站就是参观柿子 园。








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The third day in Cameron Highlands was an exciting day.

Paul and Cindy had arranged flower and fruit farms visit for us.

Firstly, we went to their very own flower farm at Ringlet. Paul is specialised in Chrysanthemum farming caters for Japanese market.

The flowers has to go through stringent test before exporting to Japan. 

After the flower farm, we went to visit a grape farm at Bertam Valley near Ringlet.

All of us were excited seeing bountiful of grapes hanging on the vines.

The farm has successfully brought in species from Australia which is more adaptable to climate in Cameron Highlands.

Visitors and tourists can buy grapes from the farm which is sold at RM 17.00 per Kg. The novelty of being Malaysia grown grapes prompted us to buy some fruits to try out. It tasted not better and was much more expensive than imported ones. 

And again , it was the first time for us to visit a persimmon farm in Cameron Highlands. 

It was a small family farm with more than 40 years history.

The trees fruit once a year only. The season usually starts from August to October. 

The fruits are sold from RM 9:00 per kg, depending on sizes.

It was a learning day trip for all of us, especially my two children.

Topping up a great day with sweet icing, we met Fr. Julian Leow and Fr. Joe Stephen at the parish house of The Church of our Lady of Mt Carmel. They were attending a five-day clergy annual retreat with many other priests from different dioceses.

We were visiting the church at about 5:00 pm.

Fr. Julian was going for a run while Fr. Joe was going for a walk after a day's programme.

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