Monday, September 16, 2013

We meet again 我们又见面了

Today, almost a year after we met, six members from Bentong & KL of our Ya Ding (Yunnan) photography expedition group came to Kajang for a "re-union".

Being our precious guests, Kelvin, Elaine, Alan, Evon, Eagle and Lim were happily feted to Kajang famous Hot & Spicy Soup lunch.

After lunch, we went to Broga Rock Dato Temple for sight-seeing and photo taking.

Broga Rock Dato Temple was founded about 140 years ago. From a humble beginning, it has been developed into a tourist attraction in recent years. (see pictures)

Later we had tea with Andrew at The Farm.

Before leaving for home, we had Satey at Kajang town. They left at about 7:00 pm.

It was a beautiful and enjoyable gathering.

(See pictures in Facebook)





过后,我们到园庄The Farm 与Andrew 共进午茶。





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