Sunday, February 16, 2014

Anwar comes visiting 安华到访

Anwar Ibrahim held a meet the people session at the Kajang Holy Family Church Hall today at 1:00pm.

It was a packed session with more than 1200 people consisting of Kajang parishiones and kajangites of other religions and cultures.

He was welcomed on arrival by Fr. George Harrison, the Parish Priest and loud applause from the audience.
In his address, Anwar touched on many national issues such as communities harmony and unity, economy,Justice, Peace and religion. He also touched on the subject of "Allah".

Pressed by an audience on the "hot" subject during Q & A: "If you will, will you be the next Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) of Selangor? if the answer is "Yes,", I will say "yes" (to you); if "no", I will say "no" too. If you say "not sure", then I am not sure who to vote for ".

Anwar answered coyly: " Please support me in Kajang .. I'll prove that it is the right choice ".

His entourage included MP Tian Chua, MP Mohamed Azmin, MP Ong Kian Ming, Anwar's daughter MP Nuru Izzah, State Councilor Elizabeth Wong, Chua Jui Ming.

According to Anwar, he has been visiting church communities since his ABIM.'s day in the seventies. He is still doing now, and will continue to do so in future.

Anwar jokingly said that the by-election has put K-jang (Western reporters' slang) into international spotlight!

I wish other related party(parties) would also take this opportunity and making use of the facilities for their meet-the-people sessions.

Earlier, explaining to the query of parishioners why allowed Anwar into the parish, Parish Priest Fr. George Harrsion explained his 3 points:

1. Anwar is one of our brothers 
2. The Church is compassionate and loves everyone
3. Allow an opportunity for the parishioners to hear for themselves in person his stand and opinion on all issues, instead of from the media and press.

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在他的讲演中,他处触及到许多全国性课题, 如在国民和谐,经济、公义、社会及宗教等。他也特别提到最近热烘烘的阿拉课题。




根据安华,打从他在ABIM (马来西亚伊斯兰青年阵线)日子起,他就拜访教会团体了。他现在仍然如此,以后也会继续如此。


1. 安华是我们其中的一位兄弟,
2. 教会是仁慈怜悯,怜爱每一个人,
3. 让群众亲身从安华本人听到他的各种课题的立场及见解,而不是从传媒及报纸的转述。


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