Monday, February 10, 2014

Seremban 818 (BB) 芙蓉818

Today I went down to Seremban to visit old friend Peter Tan (Tan Kuong Yang)

Before the visit, I met up with Stephen and Anna for breakfast at Seremban market for my favourite beef noodles.

On way to Peter's house, we detoured to Rahang New Village to visit a Chapel which is no longer being use for Mass.  It is used as a kindergarten.

Peter and wife were happy to see us coming. He is 80 years old and still healthy and chatty.

He underwent an Angioplasty last year for a single blockage and recovered well. However, he is also suffering from  Osteoarthritis of right knee. He is in constant pain thus causing him disability.

He may consider a total knee replacement later.

We were happy to meet his son Fr. Philip Tan who was home on his off day. He is the current Father Superior of CDD of Malaysian Province.

Later Peter and wife treated us to a fish-ball noodles lunch at his favourite shop in Seremban 2.

(Pictures in Facebook)

广扬兄夫妇与儿子聪敏神父、三位孙女 Peter & wife, with son Rev. Fr. Philip and 3 grand-daughters









(Facebook 照片)

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