Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A long day for Fr. Philip 菲力神父很长的一天

On Tuesday, we brought Fr. Philip to Kenya High Commission in Malaysia for his personal matters.

After which, we went to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) where Petronas Twin Towers are situated. We took the air-conditioned walk-path to the Pavilion shopping complex.

In the evening, we attended the Opening of the 22nd RCIA (Mandarin) of Holy Family Church.

This morning, Fr. Philip celebrated the morning Mass at 7:00am.

After breakfast, Fr. Philip boarded a 9:30 am bus for Johor Baru. He will put up a night there and taking a morning flight to go back home - Sibu.

1. Fr. Philip's long day pictures 

2. Bye Bye 





吃了早餐,是时候与神父告别了。他将乘搭早上9:30 am 的巴士,南下新山,然后住宿一晚,在星期四,乘坐早班飞机回去诗巫。


1. 菲力神父很长的一天照片

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