Sunday, July 13, 2014

Durian's date 榴莲的约会




她与先生John, 孩子Catherine 和Adrew,在下午四点左右,带了榴莲,来到我家。



Many months ago, Fiona told us her husband comes from Raub, Pahang. It is famous for its durian.
Comes July, the durian season, she and husband would go back to feast on durian, and would bring us some too.

Today, our Durian date materialized.

 She and husband John, children Catherine and Andrew came to our house with durian at about 4:00pm.

We have tea.

The children were fascinated by the two dogs, and busy playing with them.

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Pauline said...

TQ Fiona and John for the durians and the whole family for their visit filled with laughter.