Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In Rome 到了罗马

Arrived at Ciampino Airport , waiting for bus 抵达罗马机场,等待巴士
We arrived in Rome on 26/7/2014 morning at about 11:00 local time.

Her are some pictures on the first day's activities - A short exploration to Vatican.

We went there about 5:00 pm, and found there was a small crowd only. We went into St. Peter's Basilica for about an hour.

We would come back again the next day for a detailed 3 hours guided tour of Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and Basilica.

And we have booked a tour of Necropolis (underground of St. Peter's Basilica) in the afternoon too.

When time permit, I shall shared more story again.

( See pictures in Facebook)

Vatican Swiss guard 梵蒂冈瑞士卫兵


这是一些当天活动的照片 -简短的逛逛梵蒂冈。







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