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Jalan Jalan Sarawak (4) 砂劳越走透透

23-10-2014.  Kanowit.

I put up a night in Bintulu, meeting up over dinner with Fr. Michael Sia and a few of his parishioners.

Dennis Ting chauffeured us (me and Philip Kong) from Miri to Bintulu and taking good care of us until we left for Sibu on 23-10-2014 morning.

We took an express bus from Bintulu at 8:30 am for a 4-hour journey arriving at about 12:30pm.

I was met by Jackie and Hee Tong at the bus station ... and lunch followed.

More dining at night ... dinner with Linda and children. Linda and husband Peter are warm and generous, and always give us (me and my wife) best treatment whenever we are in Sibu.

The next morning, after breakfast, I went Fr. Fabian Kong to his parish at Kanowit which is an hour from Sibu.

Kanowit is a small time at the bank of Kanowit river, a tributary of the main Rajang River.

Fr. Fabian is the Parish Priest of the Church of St. Francis Xavier assisted by Fr. Philip Obaso (Kenyan) and Fr. Onesimus (Ugandan). Both are Mill Hill Missionary priests.

There are 10 outstations villages under the parish. The priests take turn to visit all of them, many can be reached by boats only. 

I was taken by Fr. Philip to a boat ride crossing the Kanowit river to a small chapel at a village called Majau. It serves the Iban longhouses in the area.

Later, we visited a long house which is called Rumah Panjang Benjamin with 53 "pintu" (doors or households). It is Iban custom to name the house after the current head of the longhouse.

Benjamin is a jovial and friendly head. He and his wife welcomed us into their beautiful long house. It has 3 rooms for Home Stay guests.

We were treated to home brewed Tuak , a popular alcoholic drink during festivals particularly The Gawai (Havest Festival) which is celebrated at the end of May each year.

In the evening, I attended the Mass in the church attended also by many school children from nearby boarding school.

After the evening Mass, we went to a Chinese family for Rosary prayer.

The host, Joseph and wife Tracy, treated all of us to a delicious home-cooked dinner.

My Kanowit one-day visit was a great experience covering boat ride, outstation small chapel, Iban Longhouse, Tuak drinking, family prayer and the interesting bumpy car rides.

Hearth felt thanks to Rev. Fathers for their hospitality and kindness.

It was an unforgettable journey.

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Eating BBQ Bishop's nose



Dennis 陈兄弟从美里载送我们(我与昌春)来到民都鲁,并接待我们交通及膳食,直到我们在23/10 离开为止。真的万分感谢他与太太、儿子的热情与慷慨。



晚上,Linda (秀凤)宴请我们与他家人共进晚餐。Linda 与丈夫Peter 都是非常的热情与慷慨,每次到诗巫,都会受到他们盛情的招待。

第二天的早餐后,江宗欢神父驾车载送了来到了他的堂区 - 加拿逸圣方济沙勿烈教堂,小住一晚。

江神父是这堂区的主任神父,有两位米尔山修会的修士目前在在此协助 - 来自肯亚的菲力神父及来自乌干达的乌尼斯莫尔神父。


抵步后不久,菲力神父带我乘搭小船,度过加拿逸河,去参观在一个名为Majau 的伊班长屋区的小教堂。

过后,我们前往一个离教堂不是很远的长屋,拜访了长屋的屋长本雅明兄弟。本雅明非常的友善及幽默,他与太太热情的欢迎我们来到他的屋子,并以当地酿制的Tuak 米酒接待我们。








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