Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kyoto 3 京都

 In Kyoto, it is more convenient to travel by bus than subway to sight-seeing places because bus-stops are nearer to them.

A day trip ticket of 500 yens with unlimited rides is advisable because a single trip will cost you 210 Yens.

On the third day in Kyoto, it was cloudy but no rain with occasional sun shine.

We manged to visit 3 places :

1. Nijo Castle
2. Ryonji Temple
3. Kinkokuji Temple

All are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

It was a very long day and we walked more than 10 kms for the whole journey.

There were some Sakura still blooming, especially at Ryonji Temple.

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1. 二条城古殿
2. 龙安寺
3. 金阁寺



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