Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Visitors from Singapore 新加坡客人

On Saturday June 6, my friend Paul, wife Anna and two children came to Kajang for a 2 days holiday.

Paul and Anna are our old friend of more than 20 years. Their daughters, Grace and Joyce, are close to us too.

Beside treating  them to deilicious local food, we also brought them to Simpang Pertang to visit Fr. Naden. All of them were fascinated by the beautiful natural environment, fruit trees and the animals.

Later, we visited the 110-year old Church of St. Augustine in Titi, a neaby small town.

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除了接待他们品尝加影的美食外,还带他们到郊外的新邦葫芦顶去探望纳登神父,过后还去附近的知知港一游,参观的当地110 年历史的圣奥斯丁教堂,并遇见了两位当地的圣母军团员。


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