Monday, September 28, 2015

Ancient villages 古村



早餐后,告别了友善的酒店老板,在九点十五分左右,离开红土地,朝向400 公里外的普者黑前进。这是一段需时超过六、七小时。





吊车司机老虎开大口,索取人民币2000 元才愿意帮忙。经过一番讨价还价,肉在栈板上,巴士司机没帮法,只好照付而已。



很自然的,求助祷文马上念个不停:『吁玛丽亚,无原罪始胎者,我们向你求助,请为我们转求』; 『主耶稣,求你垂怜,俯听我们的请求』 。那时候,除了人力之外,神的助佑同样的重要。


感谢天主,一个半小时之后, 我们可以续程往目的地前进了。



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The weather was good, so few of our group members went out early morning to take pictures of sunrise.

After breakfast, we bid goodbye to the friendly hotel owner, and left at about 9:15 am for a 400-km, 7 hours journey to our next destination -  Pu Zhe Hei, South East of Yunnan.

En route, we visited 2 ancient villages of minority tribe of China.

The villagers in one of the villages are tobacco farmers. Yunnan is a major tobacco supplier throughout the country.

At noon , we were stopped at a remote area on the way because of a crane lifting heavy concrete lamp posts in the middle of the road. It blocked more than half of the road and only small vehicle and motorcycle were able to pass through.

We decided to wait out the operation, which would take another half an hour.

However, our bus driver was feeling impatient and decided to drive through using the road shoulder. Unfortunately, the soil was loose and soft, thus the right front and back wheels of the bus were stuck, and the bus was heavily tilted to one side.

The only option was to wait for the crane to complete its operation, and seeked help from the crane driver.

With no possible help and remoteness of the location, our bus driver has to accept the demand of RMB 2000 from the crane driver to lift the bus.

We were in the middle of no where, the sky was changing, it might rain ... we have no shelter. I was also worried that during the operation, the bus may tilt over ...

" O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who has recourse to thee .." " Lord Jesus have Mercy, help us ". I prayed unceasingly.

After a tense moment, the crane successfully lift the bus back to road surface. Everyone heaved a heavy sigh and gave a round of applause!

The whole episode took more than one and a half hour.

After a check on the bus which suffered no damage, Thank God, we continued our journey and had lunch at about 2 pm in a small town.

What a great misadventure!

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