Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cameron Highlands 金马崙高原

 On Thursday Oct 19, Cindy, our friend in Cameron Highlands told her sister in a phone conversation that " Simon and Pauline are in Cameron Highlands now, together with their 88 years old father and 28 years old mother .....".

" Ah ... 28 years old mother ! must be interesting to meet the 88 years old man with a 28 years old SYT ..."

Haha, I wished to have a 28 years old mother-in-law! The truth is: Cindy is joking ... my mother in law is 82 years old.

Yes, our parents are old  ... so we decided to bring them for a short holidays in Cameron Highlands. The last time they were here more than 20 years ago.

Cindy and husband Paul, ever gracious host, welcomed us and spent some times with us by bringing us to visit flower farms.

We enjoyed very much this 3-day-2-night holidays!

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哈哈,我真的希望有个28岁的岳母!但事实却是: Cindy 只是开个玩笑,我的岳母82岁了。

是的,因为岳父母都年老了,但非常的健康,所以我们尽量的带 他们出外走走及游玩。他们最后一次来金马崙高原大约在20年前了。

金马崙好客的Cindy 与 Paul,花时间陪伴我们,也带我们到花园参观。


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