Friday, April 15, 2016

Taipei 3 台北

We were fortunate to have good weather  Taipei on the third day morning our our stay. We managed to visit a small mining town outside Taipei famous for its Sky Lantern.

At noon we visited Archbishop of Taipei, Most Rev. Archbishop John Hung and had lunch with him his staff.

Later, we left Taipei, crossing over to Yilan on the East side of Taiwan. We visited a Marian shrine in Jiaoxi, where Mother Mary appeared to 6 trekkers in 1980, who lost their way while doing jungle trekking.

1. Pictures at Archbishop office 

2. Mother Mary of Jiaoxi 

3. Pingxi and Shi Fen Sky Lantern





1. 拜访台北洪总主教

2. 圣母朝圣山庄

3. 平溪与十分,放天灯

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