Monday, November 7, 2016

Morocan mint tea 摩洛哥薄荷茶

Home grown peppermint 自家种的薄荷
在31-8-2014, 我和太太,小女儿及她的朋友, 抵达了马拉卡斯,开始了我们精彩的摩洛哥之旅。(阅读旧帖子 Marrakesh 麻辣卡斯






On 31-8-2014, my wife and I, together with daughter Elizabeth and her friend Amanda, we arrived at Marrakesh, Morocca, starting our exciting holidays in Morocco. ( See post Marrakesh)

Upon checking into our hotel, we were served with mint tea - Chinese tea with mint leaves. We loved it.

At the end of the holidays, we brought home a local made stainless steel Moroccan teapot, so that we can continue to enjoy mint Chinese tea.

The differences: Moroccans add in a lot of sugar ... very sweet mint tea, whereas ,we add no sugar.

Similarity: They used tea leaves imported from China, I used Wu Long tea from China too.

It is a common drink for Moroccans, in eateries or at homes.

It is very easy to make too: tea leaves plus Peppermint leaves.

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