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Taiping & Bukit Larut 太平与拉律山

Bukit Larut 拉律山

Taiping is a historical town having many first in Malaysia. First railway, first prison, first rubber tree.... all together more than 33, so it said.

Among them were the beautiful Lake Garden (1880) and the (in)famous Bukit Larut (1880, formerly known as Maxwell hill).

I never had the intention to go up to Bukit Larut l because of many negative comments and feedback. It is a mismanaged hill station.

We arrived at Taiping on the 16/11/2016. On the insistence of Karen and my wife, we agreed to give it a try, going up the Bukit Larut for a first hand good or bad experience.

To our surprise, it is a beautiful, cool and refreshing place to be!
It was a beautiful sunny weekday (17/11/2016), no crowd. We took the first jeep at 8:30 am for a half hour, winding and exciting  journey up to the hill. It charged RM10:00 per person.

All my negative impression and perception were gone. What we saw is a beautiful view of pine trees, greenery and panorama view of Taiping at a distance.

We did a walkabout, taken many beautiful pictures, enjoying fresh air, chirping bird sounds and beautiful flora fauna.

We stopped by a small cosy cafe managed by a new owner Mr. Nazuran who took over the place hardly two weeks ago.

He has made many changes to the old setup and plans to provide better and wider services to visitors to the hill. 

We were told that Bukit Larut was managed by the state government for the past two decades. Due to neglect and mismanagement, it was not a popular destination for visitors to Taiping.

Taiping City Council has taken back its management since the beginning of this year. Many changes were made, landscaping has greatly been enhanced.

We were introduced by Nazuran to her sister, Toh Puan Norisha。 She told us that her NGO has brought in many flora fauna and plants to the hills.

Nasuran and his sister are native sons of Taiping. They have great plan for Bukit Larut and will put in more effort into preservation and making Bukit Larut a beautiful heritage to be shared and loved by many others, far and near.

Looking forward to another visit.

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Taiping Lake Garden 太平湖公园


其中较著名的是太平湖公园及拉律山(Bukit  Larut),都是在1880 由英国殖民政府创立。









他介绍了与他一起的姐姐。姐姐大有来头,名为Toh Puan Norisha。作为太平土生子民,她与弟弟及家人致力与太平历史保护,特别是拉律山。她是一名非政府组织活跃份子,发动大众力量,捐献了很多花卉植物给拉律山。




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