Thursday, July 27, 2017

美丽苏格兰 Beautiful Scotland

25/7, 我与太太驾驶着女儿的车,离开阿伯丁,到约110公里外的 Kinlochleven 河边营地。




感谢天主,赐给我们两天美丽的气候, 观赏了美丽风光,特别是占士邦影片拍摄一小段场景的地点。

这里的海鲜非常的新鲜,而已烹调美味,价钱也不很贵。我们去了一家叫Loch Leven Seafood Cafe, 吃了一次晚餐及一次午餐,值得回味。这家餐馆的母公司是鱼鲜批发工作,出口海鲜到数十个国家,包括香港在内。

1.美丽苏格兰 Facebook pictures Beautiful Scotland (1)  

2. 美丽苏格兰 (2) Beautiful Scotland (2)

 3. James Bond's Trail 占士邦的足迹

 4. 午餐、晚餐 Lunch & dinner

 5.一个下雨天 A rainy day

On 25/7, my wife and I drove our daughter's car, left Aberdeen for Kinlochleven, a remote lake town about 110 kms away, which took about 4.5 hours, with many stopover for sightseeing and drinks.

Our daughter booked specially for us a camping Minilodge for a new experience. We stayed here for the next 3 nights, and really had a wonderful experiences that we would cherish.

Here in Blackwater Camping ground, hostel rooms, Minilodges and camping ground rentals are available to suite individual needs.

During these 3 days, we drove around the surrounding areas to enjoy the beautiful Scottish scenery, especially mountains and lakes (loch)。

Great thanks to God, we had 2 day of beautiful weather, allowing us to visit many fantastic places, including locations of James Bond film "Skyfall".

This area is also famous for its seafood. We went to a restaurant named Lock Leven Seafood Cafe which served great seafood dishes with reasonable prices. 

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