Friday, January 2, 2009

得奖 Awarded

The MOST BITTER RETIREE OF THE YEAR 2008 Award - goes to - the newly retired Election Commission (EC) chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. He retired on 30-12-2008 and announced that he will take all his detractors to court.

He felt most bitter because many Opposition members made statements he claimed have slandered and defamed him during his tenure as the EC Chairman. He will be spending his remaining life to compile evidence to bring all these fellows he disliked to court. He said the ruling Barisan did no such thing to him.

The EC is one of the most powerful commissions of the Government. During his tenure, Abdul Rashid has the power to shift voters from one place to another to the ruling Barisan's advantage. Many living voters disappeared from the Electoral roll , many dead voters living again.

My wife and I have applied to change our voting constituency from KL back to Kajang for the past 3 General Elections but to no avail. Abdul Rashid's commission decided to let us rot in the constituency held by the Opposition.

The indelible ink debacle occurred during his tenure too.

To sue others immediately after retiring not only will make his own life miserable, but also make himself, as a senior government servant, a disgrace of the nation.

I hoped out-going Prime Minister Abdullah does not follow the footstep of his disgraceful subordinate.

For me, I made a cup of hot Campbell soup and drink to his retirement. May him rest in peace.

2008年度最怀恨退休者奖项得奖人是 -- 刚退休的选举委员会主席,阿都拉昔阿都拉曼。他在30-12-2008 退休, 并同时宣布要把那些“诽谤”,“责难”他的反对党人士控上法庭,绝不罢休。








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