Thursday, January 1, 2009

Visit to Fr. Naden 探望纳登神父

Fr. Naden's friendship with Fr. Stephen Ng, Superior General of CDD dated back to decades ago when Fr. Stephen Ng was the Parish Priest of the Church of the Sacred Heart in Bentong, Pahang. Fr. Naden then was actively involved in the ministry for the Orang Asli (Aborigines) in the states of Pahang and Negri Sembilan.

About ten years ago, Fr. Naden settled on a piece of land owned by a Seremban parishioner couple to do poultry and agricultural farming. The income generated is used for aid to the Orang Asli.

Fr. Stephen Ng has left Malaysia for Taiwan about eight years ago to assume the post of Superior General of CDD. However, he would visit Fr. Naden whenever possible when he was back in Malaysia.

Yesterday, Fr. Stephen made a visit to Fr. Naden before going back to Taiwan on 3/1/09. Deacon Lawrence Ng and I were invited to come along. This was my first visit to Fr. Naden's sanctuary and my second meeting with him.

It was a piece of 5-acre farmland situated about 7 Kms from Simpang Pertang, Negri Sembilan, about 1 1/2 hours drive from Kajang. It was well maintained and planted with many fruit trees: Pandan Coconuts, Longans, Durians, Dragon fruits, Mangostines... There were altogether 5 fish ponds, with many ducks and chickens scattered around.

Panoramic view, click on picture to enlarge (big file)

I have surprises when arrived. Firstly to discover that the land owner is my old acquaintance - Anna Wong of Seremban, a humble and kind lady. Second surprise was to meet Mary Chua from KL whom I knew since her schooling days.

I have the good fortune to meet them at the farm. Anna doesn't stay here but brought Mary and Pei Yi, also from Kuala Lumpur, to spend a quiet year-end holiday here. They cooked us a delicious lunch with materials from the land - wild boar meat,duck eggs and fresh vegetables.

Our visit brought them fortune and "misfortune". For the past three days, Mary and Pei Yi were eyeing for the clusters of durian fruits to drop but no luck. On our arrival, three fruits dropped. We have a hearty durian feast... the flesh was thick and tasted fantastic!

Before we took leave, came lightning and thunderstorm. While Mary was trying to turn off her computer, lightning struck. She found power surging through her fingers....Ziiiiizziiiiiii.... Aiiiiiiiya....then on the other side of the kitchen, Anna noticed the power plug of the freezer caught fire..... three ladies ran into their room, jumped up to the bed.... the little dog tried to follow but was kicked out.......

Thank God, other than a little pain and numbness on Mary's finger, all were well and OK. These added a little drama to our visit and our joyful memory.

Fr. Naden was in good health although no longer as strong as before. He was very pleased with our visit. The 3 ladies continued their holidays until new year. Anna's husband will join them after work.

We left at 4:00pm after coffee while the TNB technician arrived to check on the power supply. Very efficient.

It was a wonderful last day of the year 2008. Thanks be to God!





那是一块五英亩的农业地,离开森美兰州的新邦普鲁顶(Simpang Pertang) 镇约七公里。这里环境优美,照顾良好,种满了许多果树,有香椰 、龙眼 、榴莲 、山竹 、 火龙果等,还有五个鱼塘,及饲养了许多鸡和鸭。这里可以说是鸟语花香,清翠怡眼,空气清新,令你心旷神怡。(不过还得小心别踏到鸡鸭粪 :D )

我来到后,发现了几个惊喜。第一,现在才知道这块地的主人,原来是芙蓉的相识,谦虚、良善的年娇(Anna) 姐妹。第二,见到了来自吉隆坡的蔡慧美。我从她读书的时候就认识她了。

我这趟很幸运的能够见到他们。年娇并不住在这里,她这次是带着慧美及也是来自吉隆坡的佩仪,来这里度过一个悠闲的年终假期。他们还特地的用这里找到的材料,煮了一顿美味的午餐招待我们 - 山猪肉,鸭蛋及新鲜蔬菜。








From Left, 左:
Pei Yi佩仪
More pictures on FaceBook 更多照片


marychuah said...

It was a lovely surprise to meet Fr. Stephen, deacon and you, Simon! Thanks for posting this memorable last day of 2008 in your blog! God bless you!

Simon Phun said...

Yes Mary, it was great to see you. I really enjoyed the visit...great place, great company and a great time to remember. Take care.