Tuesday, May 6, 2008

haircut & security  理发和治安

Yesterday I went for a haircut at my usual hair saloon. Mary, the proprietress, will cut for me.

As she was cutting, a lady customer came in and expressed surprise to see her newly-installed metal grill gate at the main entrance. Then they started a conversation....

" my downstairs seven-eleven open hardly 3 months but was robbed many times, the workers were so frighten, many resigned....."

" ya, five male robbers entered my friend's house through the roof, luckily no one at home. If their adolescent daughters were at home, the consequence was unimaginable......"

"ne, in Sg. Chua, an old couple was robbed and the wife was raped by the robbers. They were high on drug...... They lady was unable to walk for next three days...."

"Normally I don't lock the gate... many patients of downstairs Lawrence Klinik were robbed....."

" the other day on the way home passing the underpass, we saw a lady was struggling with the snatch thief..... no one bother to help....."

"Sg Jelok area is a black area, so many robberies... many are moving out...." (ooui, I am staying in Sg Jelok area)

"my friend in the Police said, at noon, there are stack of report of robberies, house-breaking, snatch thieves.... more than 200 cases throughout the district..."

Even tough they sounded like gossiping, but I believed what they said. The crime rate in my home town (Kajang) is very frightening. It is the same through out the country.

But I was more worry then, in the midst of excited conversation, Mary may cut a patch on my head !

昨天,我去长期光顾的理发室理头。通常都是老板娘 Mary 给我剪头发。

在她剪着的时候,一位女顾客进来。她很好奇的向 Mary 提起理发室大门新装上的铁花门。他们很快的就谈到很投入。。。。

“我楼下的 7-11, 开张谨三个月,就被抢了好多次,连工人都害怕的辞职。。”




“那天我们回家路上,路经天桥底下,看见一位妇人被劫,都没 人愿伸出救援之手。。。”

Sg Jelok 地区治安最糟糕。很多人都搬离了。。。。。” (喂,我就住在那里..)

“我在警察局的朋友说,到了下午,就一大叠的报告, 有打枪,入屋行劫,掠夺等案件,整个警区至少两百宗以上。。。”

虽然他们好像是在说是到非,但我相信他们所说的都是属实。我们的市镇治安确实非常的糟糕 ,犯罪率高攀,警察好像爱莫能助,或是无能为力。其实我们全国的情形都是一样。

但是,当时我最关注的,却是害怕 Mary 谈得兴起,在我头上剪个大洞! 

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