Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The wedding 婚礼

Siti was working in my company about 12 years ago. She left after getting married. Her younger sister, Intan, then took over her post. Siti is expecting her fifth child now.

On Saturday, 3-5-08, Intan got married too. My family and other staff attended her wedding lunch. Intan will be back for work after ten days leave.

We wish Intan happy marriage and live happily ever after.

十二年前,Sitit 在我的公司工作。她结婚后就离职了,她的妹妹,Intan, 接过她的职位。今天,Siti 正怀着她的第五个孩子。

在星期六,3-5-08, Intan 也结婚了。我们整家,连同其他同事,参加了她的结婚午餐。Intan 在度假十天后,将回到工作岗位。

我们都祝愿 Intan 新婚快乐,婚姻美满。

<-- Siti

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