Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Persecution begins 秋后算账

The persecution begins !

Raja Petra, the owner and Editor of Internet news portal Malaysiakini, has been arrested and charged for Sedition. The charges based on an article he wrote " Let's send the Altantuya murderers to hell" in Malaysiakini, implicating the Deputy Prime Minister and his wife in the murder of the Mongolian woman. Another person, Syed Akbar Ali, was also charged because he posted a "seditious" comment on the article.

Karpal Singh was warned he may be charged under the same Sedition Act because he has commented that the Sultan of Perak has no jurisdiction over the transfer of Perak Head of Religious Department.

Sedition Act is the second most powerful instrument next to the Internal Security Act used by the Government. Lim Guan Ying, the current Chief Minister of Penang was sent to jail for 2 years under this act.(He was charged under Sedition Act and Publication and Printing Act).

More are coming !!

By the way, those vultures, blood suckers and opportunist shouting at Karpal Singh, demanding him to apology to the Sultan, are they making seditious statement and demand too? They are putting words into Sultan's mouth! Or making use of the name of Sultan for personal gain?


本地著名的博客,拉惹伯特拉,网上报纸<今日马来西亚>的主人及编辑,因在该网页发表了一篇题目“让我们把杀死阿旦都雅的凶手送进地狱” 的文章,映射到副首相及其夫人可能有牵连,而在扇动法令下,被政府逮捕及提控。另外一人,则因在网页写了回应评语,同样也被提控。





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