Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another brave woman 另一个勇敢的妇人

Elsie has been suffering from knee osteoarthritis ( knee pain due to worn cartilage) for more than ten years. For the last couple of years, the pain has kept her home bound most of the time. Some unpleasant stories of failed knee replacement operations has put her off from this remedy.

About two months ago, she had a fall. She decided to do something on her legs. she went to see an Orthopedic and was recommended to have knee replacement for both legs. As the date of operation approaching, a small cyst on her left arm suddenly grew big. The Orthopedic has to perform a surgery to remove it.

Three week after the cyst operation, 0n 29 April, she went back gain to the hospital to have her knee replacement operation. Her operation was performed under epidural anaesthesia (partial anaesthesia). She could hear the drilling, hammering and sawing sound. She was praying and remained calm although it was quite a scary experience.

My wife and I visited her last week at her home a few days ago. She was recovering well. She was able to walk with the support of a walker. She was undergoing physiotherapy and expected to resume normal active life in six months time.

Wishing her a speedy recovery.

陈莲娇 (Elsie )的脚痛,已有整十年的历史了。这是因为膝盖软骨的磨损而引起关节摩擦的疼痛。最近的两年里,脚痛使到她行动不方便,所以大部分时间都是留在家里。她常有听到一些关于手术不成功,或手术后情形更糟的故事,所以对于寻医根治,特别是动手术的事,避而远之。







Pauline said...

After two courageous women have undergone total knee replacements not on one but two, it's time for you/us to seek another opinion about your right knee and do what is necessary instead of enduring the pain.

Bravo! to Elsie and Mrs. Lee.

Simon Phun said...

囧.... this is a new sign in Chinese character. It means...difficult neh...also means...embarrass neh...

(it is pronounced as "jiong" )

queen_of_bee said...

nike tagline
"just do it"

Simon Phun said...

ooi... why so cruel! really want to send me to...

Decision in August lah....

jeff said...

quite scary !

Agnes Chong said...

Everything put in Lord hands, we pray for you!