Thursday, May 15, 2008

All about my knee 都是膝盖的事

I want to go trekking.... go up to the roof to check on the tiles..... pull a cable through the ceiling to connect Asrto to my room TV .... walk in the evening......

These are the things that I wanted to do, I still can do but I don't do because of knee pain. I can climb ladder to go up to the roof, but have problem to bend down to inspect. I can go trekking with a clutch....all these I still can do if I can bear the pain.

If I go for a knee replacement, am I able to do all these.... I think the answer is YES, with a successful operation. But if doesn't, would it take away that little I have?

I know many friends and relatives, including my own family, are concern about my knee problem. I have a friend traveled all the way from KL to Penang to get me some plant roots for my knee. She heard that it is good for knee pain. It is used for boiling soup with pig tail (bottom pic). I have drank four times and so far, no miracle happens. I really appreciate her effort and concern.

As the pain becomes more intense, a decision has to be made soon. Right now I am seeing other doctor(s) for opinion. I have a busy schedule in June and July, thus any decision will be made in August only.

P/s: Before I published this post, my wife and I went to a Dr. Tron bio-electron potential therapy center out of curiosity. It offers electron magnetic treatment free of charge. It offers also far-infrared heat treatment for all types of body pains.

Surprise, we met our good friend there!! Guess who??

I published this post after we parted company..... :D

we meet again.... :D


我很想去走山径, 我想爬上屋顶,检查屋瓦。。。我也想从大厅,经过天花板,拉条电线,把Astro 连接到我房里的电视。。。。我也想傍晚时做步行运动。。。



我知道很多亲戚朋友,包括我的家人,非常的关心我的问题。甚至我有一个朋友,她专程从吉隆坡上去槟城给我买了些药树根回来,给我陪猪尾巴煲汤 (最上右图),因为她听说能够治好脚痛。我已经喝了四次,但没奇迹出现。不过,我非常衷心的感谢,也感动她的关怀。



在这个中心,又遇见了老朋友,猜猜是谁 (上右图)?


Pauline said...

Yes, Simon and I went to try out Dr. Tron. I am limping on my left foot because of "spur", this is what I suspect. I am stepping on heated up slipper-like shape cactus frond every night, which is mum's remedy to this problem. I will try anything to take away the pain so that I can walk fast. Friends who go out with me used to find difficulties catching up with me, but now it is the opposite. Those who have gone through such pain will understand me. I'm still 'young' and want to move around fast and not limping. I will continue to go to Dr Tron. Wish me luck.

Unknown said...

Where is this dr.tron please?