Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family holiday 家庭假期 (2)

On Thursday, 24-4-08, we left for Cherating, Pahang via Eastern Coastal Road. It was raining heavily. It took us almost three hours to cover the distance of 150 km to reach Kuala Terengganu. Due to the rain, we did not stop but continue to Kemaman where we have the famous stuffed crabs for dinner (right).

It was almost eight o'clock at night when we checked into Holiday Villa Resort Hotel at Cherating, Pahang. We would have sun and fun by the sea for the next two days.

在24-4-08, 星期四,我们离开哥打巴鲁,前往我们的另一个目的地, 彭亨洲的Holiday Villa Resort. 因为下大雨,我们用了将近三个小时的时间,在到达150公里外的瓜拉登加楼市。我们没有停留,而续程前往甘马挽,在那里享用了著名的釀螃蟹晚餐。



queen_of_bee said...

i like the sun video....i saw a potential synchronised swimmer. perhaps he can represent malaysia to the 2012 olympic?

Simon Phun said...

ooi...he was the sungei champion swimmer man....