Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family holiday 家庭假期 ( 3 )

After two days of sun and fun, we left Cherating for the cool mountain-climate Cameron Highlands. Looking back, this was the most enjoyable segment of our holidays because we were joined by the Ng family.

We took the East Coast Highway to the foothill of Genting Highlands. There we exited the Batang Kali bypass to join the North-South Highway. At Batang Kali, we stopped to have the famous "lo mee" and “live prawns mee" for lunch (right pic).

We reached HSBC Bungalow at Cameron Highlands in time for afternoon tea. There we met up with the Ngs and will enjoy the cool climate and good company for the next three days.

The care-taker, Mr. Tan was a good cook. He pampered us with delicious Chinese and Western dishes for lunch and dinner, and home-made scones, tarts and cookies for teas.

The Bungalow was perched on top of a hill overlooking the Brinchang town and the surrounding panoramic view of mountains and farms. The air is cool and fresh.

With laughter and fellowship, we enjoyed each moment together at Cameron Highlands.

享受了两天的阳光和沙滩,我们离开Cherating, 到凉爽的金马伦高原,继续我们的假期。回想来,金马伦这一站,是我们整个旅程最难忘的一段,因为我们的老朋友,黄金辉及家人,会和我们会合,一同渡过其余的三天假期。

我们沿着东海岸大道,直奔云顶高原山脚,然后取道Batang Kali,进入南北大道,才上金马伦高原。我们在Batang Kali 享用了当地著名的滷面和生虾面作为午餐。(最上右图)


这间别墅,竖立在一个山上,远眺Brinchang 市区,及环绕的美丽山峦和原庄,景色迷人。



Care-taker, Mr. Tan (center)

Open air market


Pauline said...

Simon seems to be doing overtime hours since the "disapperance" of his previous blog.

Hm! Hm! now I know how much leisure time he has during office hours.

Enjoy your blogging but don't let me be a blogging "widow".i

queen_of_bee said...

thanks to uncle for doing Overtime.

it's fun to reread the rewritten holiday trip!

different pictures, different way of expressions BUT the objective remains the same, that is to share with everyone!

thank you.

Simon Phun said...

Blogging relieves stresssss.....

Instead of thinking about debt collection, money, bills and bills to pay, I am in a world of my own... freedom, free of restriction, limitation,I am free to think and write... borderless cyber sky is the limit....

Your youngest daughter said...

wu liao ah this uncle. tsk tsk tsk! See you tomorrow! =P