Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family holiday 家庭假期 ( 4 )

At Cameron Highlands, we attended Sunday Mass celebrated by Fr. Charles Chin. We have not seen him for quite a while. It was God's Providence that we met him in Cameron Highlands which he came every fourth Sundays to celebrate Mass here.

He was in his usual jovial self. When he noticed me taking photograph of him during homily, he said:"Simon is taking my photograph. Hold on, let me comb my hair first.....". The whole congregation giggled.

His sermon is simple yet powerful. On Jesus new Commandment of "love one another as I have loved you", he said we must be able to see the good points in others in order to love them. Most of the time, we see the negatives first. Jesus saw all the good points in people such as the Samaria woman at the well and Zacchaeus the tax collector, even in adulterous women. So we must always learn to use the eyes of Jesus to look at others, in the family, community and society. Even a bad person has good quality.

The main objective of our family holiday was to renew and refresh the family love and bond. This was God's gift of spiritual food for us in this holiday.

Bald-headed Fr. Charles giving homily


多年不见,他还是剃个光头,而且风趣依然。当他在证道中,看到我用手提电话要拍他照片十,他说:“ Simon 要拍我的照片。请等等,让我先梳梳头发。” 马上引起教友的一番嘻笑。



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